Affordable Cheap Rates Call Girls in Chennai

Everything isn’t free or cheap in the world. You have to pay the price to purchase a thing and avail a service. The quality of a product/service depends on its price. If you want the quality, you have to reimburse a high amount. Similarly, if you want to sleep with a beautiful and hot girl, you have to spend a good amount of money. We don’t provide cheap escort services. Chennai call girls are beautiful and provide satisfactory services so they charge high fees.

Packages:Chennai Night Girls

INR 15,000

If you pay me INR 15,000, you can enjoy 1-2 hours of intimacy to get cherished.

INR 25,000

If you are looking for fun and pleasure of 3-4 hours, pay me INR 25,000 and get satisfied completely.

INR 40,000

Fun and pleasure of entire night is INR 40,000 away that will satisfy you the way you want.

Find a Pleasure Package of Chennai Escorts Cheap Rate

Though sensual pleasure is a basic need, but it is not affordable in any form. Even if you make a girlfriend you have to spend on her and you bear several risks. Marriage is also a costly affair. We have several customized packages for the people of different section of society. Chennai Escorts always strive to serve the lager section of the society. Apart from rich and powerful people, we are open for the middle class section as well. Our starting pleasure package has been designed keeping in mind the needs and budget of a common person. It is not cheap, but still affordable. You can have a quick round of physical pleasure for 1-2 hour and the price is Rs. 15000.

Apart from the basic package, we have to more offer which are made for rich and VIP people. They are made with the purpose of providing you maximum fun and enjoyment. You can enjoy various kinds of sensual acts with ease and satisfy all your wild desires. If you are a busy person, you can opt for a mid package in which you get 3 to 4 hours to satisfy your lust. It costs you Rs. 25,000.

Our list package contains unlimited fun and excitement. It gives you entire night to explore and enjoy the beauty of an escort. You can do any type of sensual activities and you will get support from Kolkata call girls. You have to pay Rs. 40,000 for the unlimited enjoyment for a night.